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Not only do we wargame together, we even go on holiday and trips together (sad gits). In this part we you can find reports on shows, museums, events etc that we have attended. You will find photos of our trips which may be useful for all those who wanted to know what the place looked like or how that uniform, tank etc was painted.

Warning: This page may take a while to load as it contains a fair number of good quality pictures (around 60K apiece). Bear with us, please, as in the quality vs size trade-off, we've tried to err on the side of quality rather than graininess.

MunsterLager Panzer Museum trip Photos from the MunsterLager Tank Museum
Waterloo Reenactment Piccies from the Waterloo reenactment of 1990

MunsterLager Tank Museum

This is the German equivalent of Bovington Tank Museum, having an excellent range of WWII armour.

Tiger II - effectively the last of the tanks developed and put to use by the German forces in the last great war.
MG42 - the light machine gun of the German armed forces: here it is in its sustained fire role.
JagdPanther - one of the deadliest assault weapons used by the Axis powers. Here it is painted in its late-war camouflage.
Pzkpfw IV - the staple tank (workhorse) in its most basic form.

Pzkpfw V - Panther. An excellent tank put into service before all the teething troubles had been ironed out. Again, here it is in its late-war camouflage for the Western Front.

88 Flak - need we say more! Behind it can be seen its half-track prime mover....

Waterloo Re-enactment (1990!)

On the 175th anniversay of the Battle of Waterloo a large number of Napoleonic societies from all over Europe got together to re-enact the battle. Needless to say the weather was completely the opposite of the original, being bakingly hot! The re-enactment is actually performed once every two years but this was a special event, with societies even from Austria.

Austrian Grenadiers (yes, we know!!!! Maybe a little out of place). These were on the British side, acting as part of the allied army.
French Imperial Guard marching up to take their position before battle commences. As you can see, these re-encactment societies spend lots of time and not to say money on getting the costumes accurate down to the last detail, on the day it was so hot that you could see the sweat dripping off the re-enactors who had to struggle under all that woolen serge.
A fine body of British infantry and artillery ready to take on those damned Frogs!!!!
Austrian cuirassiers and dragoons from one of the societies that travelled up from Austria for the day. Besides them being the wrong nation for the battle, the detail on these costumes is excellent. All these re-enactors are more than willing to talk about the uniforms and how they get them so accurate, they are great ambassadors for their hobby, they spoke English which was a help!!
As the battle was a re-enactment some orchestration took place, well you cannot have the Frogs winning the damned thing. This shot shows a British infantry square being formed prior to the French cavalry charge. In the background can be seen one of the Belgian TV companies cameras recording the event, which was televised in Europe.
The Butt de Lion, this hill was formed from the escarpment which the allied army took cover behind, it commemorates the wounding of the Prince of Orange and the Belgian soldiers who fought in the battle. As you can see,the hill is literally covered with spectators, and that mound is not small!!!!

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