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HMS CROUDACE (not on an ego trip- honest) a 74 gun large 3rd rate ship of the line Grumpy Wargamers are a group of friends in the Hampshire/Wiltshire area who meet about once a month for a wargame using miniature wargame figures. We play most periods and scales that are available on the wargames scene. The essence of the group is enjoyment: we play for fun and having a laugh whilst playing; life is too short to take playing with toy soldiers seriously. The group consists of about 8 or so friends - our common link is that we enjoy all aspects of the hobby, not only the wargaming side, and we hope this site shows this.

Pages on this site:

C18 Naval warfare Pics from (and experience of) our award-winning C18 Naval participation game
Full Thrust Some of what we're doing on Full Thrust, Star Grunt and the GZG-verse
Reviews Reviews of figures, books, rules, etc, the group has purchased, and of the suppliers we've purchased them from!
Field Trips All about museums, events, etc, the group has been to
Wars of the Roses WoR Bits and bobs plus some ready-made flags for us
Battle Update Latest battles that the group has fought
Favourite links Favourite websites

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