25mm Usable Standards of the Wars of the Roses

The following pages hold a variety of standards of unknown authenticity collected from flags around the net and made into usable folding sheets for use on 25mm/28mm models for the Grumpy's WoR club game. These should be able to be printed (in colour) "as is" and reused directly given the resizing provided. Generals are marked by a "G", Earls by an "E".

Note also that some of the Neville's (Warwick, for example) weren't Yorkists after they got pie thrown in their face by Edward: later flags are unknown! Some may be of dubious authenticity (Clinton?) or may have minor errors (Somerset?). They appear fairly accurate, however.

1Yorkist Generals and Earls
2Other Yorkist Nobility
3Lancastrian Generals/Earls
4Other Lancastrian/Tudor Nobility
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