25mm Standards of the Wars of the Roses

This contains all those that are known of in a single page. It may be unwieldy, so do try the other pages: 1 (York), 2 (York), 3 (Lancaster/Tudor) and 4 (Lancaster/Tudor), or the index.

Yorkist Nobles, Generals and LordsPage 1
Edward Neville
Lord Abergavenny
Richard Neville
Earl of Salisbury (G)
William Neville
Lord Fauconberg
John Neville - Lord Montague
Humphrey Stafford
Lord Stafford of Southwyck
Richard Fitzalan
Earl of Arundel
William Bonville
Lord Bonville
Sir William Devereaux
Richard Neville
Earl of Warwick (G)
George Neville
Lord Despenser
John Ratcliffe
Lord Fitzwalter
John Touchet
Lord Audley
Yorkist Generals and othersPage 2
Edward Plantagenat
Earl of March (G)
John Mowbray
Duke of Norfolk (G)
John Tiptoft
Earl of Worcester (G)
John de la Pole
Earl of Suffolk (G)
Reginald Grey
Lord Grey of Wilton
Edmund Grey
Lord Grey de Ruthyn
William Herbert
Lord Herbert
We are somewhat suspicious of the next flag
Thomas Stanley
Lord Stanley
Henry Bourchier
Viscount Bourchier
John Clinton
Lord Clinton?
Lancastrian Lords/GeneralsPage 3
Henry Beaufort
Duke of Somerset (G)
Thomas de Courtenay
Earl of Devon (G)
Henry Percy
Earl of Northumberland (G)
Humphrey Stafford
Duke of Buckingham (G)
NB:de Vere commanded the Tudors at Bosworth Field
John de Vere
Earl of Oxford (G)(E)
John Talbot
Earl of Shrewsbury (E)
Jasper Tudor
Earl of Pembroke (E)
John Clifford
Lord Clifford (G)
James Butler
Earl of Wiltshire (E)
Henry de Holland
Duke of Exeter (G)
John de Beaumont
Viscount Beaumont
Randolph Dacre
Lord Dacre of Gilsland
Other Lancaster NobilityPage 4
Thomas Scales
Lord Scales
Thomas Roos
Lord Roos
Richard Welles
Lord Willoughby
Lionel Welles
Lord Welles
Thomas Hungerford
Lord Hungerford
John Neville
Lord Neville
Richard Wydville
Lord Rivers
John Grey
Lord Ferrers of Groby
Henry Grey
Lord Grey de Codnor
Ralph Greystoke
Lord Greystoke