25mm WoR Standards: Lancaster

This page contains the remaining Lancastrian Nobility.

Other pages: 1 (York), 2 (York), 4 (Lancaster/Tudor), and the index.

Lancastrian Lords/GeneralsPage 3
Henry Beaufort
Duke of Somerset (G)
Thomas de Courtenay
Earl of Devon (G)
Henry Percy
Earl of Northumberland (G)
Humphrey Stafford
Duke of Buckingham (G)
NB:de Vere commanded the Tudors at Bosworth Field
John de Vere
Earl of Oxford (G)(E)
John Talbot
Earl of Shrewsbury (E)
Jasper Tudor
Earl of Pembroke (E)
John Clifford
Lord Clifford (G)
James Butler
Earl of Wiltshire (E)
Henry de Holland
Duke of Exeter (G)
John de Beaumont
Viscount Beaumont
Randolph Dacre
Lord Dacre of Gilsland