25mm WoR Standards: York

This page contains an the early main Yorkist Generals, Earls and men of considerable power.

Other pages: 2 (York), 3 (Lancaster/Tudor), 4 (Lancaster/Tudor), and the index.

Yorkist Nobles, Generals and LordsPage 1
Edward Neville
Lord Abergavenny
Richard Neville
Earl of Salisbury (G)
William Neville
Lord Fauconberg
John Neville - Lord Montague
Edward Plantagenat
Earl of March (G)
John Mowbray
Duke of Norfolk (G)
John Tiptoft
Earl of Worcester (G)
John de la Pole
Earl of Suffolk (G)
Richard Neville
Earl of Warwick (G)
George Neville
Lord Despenser
John Ratcliffe
Lord Fitzwalter
John Touchet
Lord Audley