Full Thrust Notes and Background

The following are assorted notes on the various aspects of Full Thrust used within our games. Links are also present to useful "other" information which provides added interest in a campaign (most of which I would like to use!). Within our games so far, aliens from the FT universe other than the Kra'vak are not used. Various semi-intelligent or intelligent but more primitive aliens do exist, and maybe some will use captured vessels, but none are yet capable of independent interstellar flight bar one ancient, almost aloof race.

VOC Ships

In the C18-C19 the Dutch fleet was as efficient and fearsome as the British, matching British ships and capability until the almost-Pyrrhic victory at the Battle of Camperdown. The VOC (Dutch East India Company, a collection of smaller groups almost like Lloyds of London) was a trading company on par with the British EIC. Given the Tuffleyverse segregation of major powers, even down to the seperation of the KNG from the EU, what would a future VOC require?
These two, very different, FT ships are, perhaps, a partial answer to that question.

Shipcalc Spreadsheet

A FT FB1/FB2 shipbuilding Excel/.xls spreadsheet which also includes some alternate costs/MASS for Beam weapons based on relative strength, similar to what appears to have been done for KV railguns. (Probably best to right-click and "Save As").

Aliens: TjyyTidd

A "lesser empire" alien race, never encountered en masse, but one which has been around for a long time and can be found in some form or another around most of the galaxy. (Under test)

FT Aliens: Kra'Vak Social Summary

A few background notes on the Kra'Vak in the form of a NAC Fleet Intelligence briefing. Outlines Kra'Vak motivation and reasoning based on derived social structures.

Other Full Thrust/Stargrunt links
In-house rules are (or are planned to be) based on the following original articles and sources.
This is an excellent and well-presented site for all things GZG-verse.
David Manley has been particularly productive and has brought out some interesting ideas particularly geared for campaign games. Try this one on Escape Pods.
Similarly, in a campaign, refits becomes all-important. Even now the number of ships in a navy is governed by refit and repair factors.
And finally, fleet auxiliaries are vital: oft forgotten but always present in any action involving more than few ships, they keep the front-line vessels functioning. Oh... and refueling might sometimes be a problem, too.

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